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As a New Yorker I am used to Israelis coming with a certain stigma, notorious for shady business dealings in the same way that Russians are infamous for insurance scams. The weekends are times for doing things you actually enjoy, with people you actually enjoy. It’s essentially an awkward interview for getting naked. There’s no awkward car ride to take your date home. But more also includes more assholes, narcissists, finance bros, bars with velvet ropes, and restaurants you can’t get into... There are a lot of crappy people and you will date mostly them. If you have to transfer more than twice and/or incorporate a bus to see your date, be prepared for Skype sex come February and then an uncomfortable "We need to talk..." somewhere around April. But for dating, the subway is your greatest friend, especially if the date is an epic fail.Yup, in a matter of days you can print a blood vessel. It’s still in its early days, but already they have been able to reverse conditions like paralysis in rats.On that appetizing note, Noelle ceded the stage to Merry Wang, senior research scientist at Autodesk Research.