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Also, the Equis electronics no longer work, and I’m hoping you have some advice on how to get it fixed. David Bloomington, Illinois Hey David, Cool guitar—I actually have one just like it!

Washburn History The Washburn brand was introduced in the late 1880s by Lyon & Healy to produce quality stringed instruments for the ever-expanding distributor.

Today at Oscar Schmidt, premium woods, quality hardware and modest prices create an ideal instrument.

Each is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician, your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality.

While everyone knows about the quality and reputation of Gibson's electric instruments, a lesser-known fact is that the same level of care and innovation goes into their acoustic and acoustic-electric models.

Only the best tone is good enough for Gibson acoustic guitars, so they go to great lengths to choose the right tonewoods, electronics and parts to get it.