Current recordset does not support updating in vb6

The recordset interface is referred to as Active X Data Objects (ADO).It requires a different syntax than DAO, but your experience with DAO will transfer nicely, and it has a much more powerful and consistent toolkit for accessing today's variety of PC and mainframe database formats on the Web.If you want data to be requeried automatically when an event occurs, you can create a macro and attach it to the event.For example, suppose that you want to requery the data in a form whenever the form receives the focus.The connection id returned by this functions is needed by other ODBC functions.You can have multiple connections open at once as long as they either use different db or different credentials.Because they are organized into functional topics and kept very short, none of the examples can stand alone. A minimum program would need to use a combination of the "Opening", "Displaying" and "Closing" topics.You can cut and paste the short program topics into a working program.

It does not reorder records, display new records, or remove deleted records and records that no longer meet specified criteria.In Access create a new blank table and highlight 8 datasheet columns.Paste the example data into the table and rename the fields to the names above. If you have the examples only in hard copy, you would have to re-type the data in an Access table. With this Lock Type you can only scroll forward through records. Like a dynamic cursor, except that you can't see records that other users add, although records that other users delete are inaccessible from your recordset. This Lock Type indicates pessimistic locking, record by record. Find Last "pk People ID=2" ' numeric constant - DAO rs.And you can copy and paste the data used in the examples from the table People ID First Name Last Name Hire Review Salary Sex Is Selected 1 Carla Dumont 9/4/87 10/2/99 ,249.82 F Yes 2 Andrew Frank 2/9/97 2/9/99 ,081.10 M Yes 3 Janet Lydell 6/25/94 6/25/99 ,875.00 F No 4 Margo Oniell 1/16/94 7/16/99 ,629.58 F Yes 5 Edward Jones 1/17/98 9/17/99 ,163.31 M No 6 Harry Jones 9/22/78 10/1/99 3,500.00 M Yes 7 Jane Doe 8/9/78 10/3/99 3,750.00 F Yes 8 Hugh Poynor 9/12/89 9/30/99 ,601.00 M No 9 Jane Deaux 9/8/87 10/3/99 ,368.71 F Yes If you have this document open, highlight all 9 data rows (above) and copy them to the clipboard.